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Main features: 

  1. Unlock new levels by upgrading. 
  2. RPG style upgrading system. Like you can chose to have a a plan that have most firate by investing points into the reduce firate attribute. 
  3.  Endless levels, how long can you survive? 
  4. Boss challenges if you survive more than a mintue. You must seek out a portal first.
  5. Same levels but randomnised enemies (but still keeping it relative theme). 
  6. Work with most controller. (Sorry, if handfree VR is your thing; but we found that handfree VR is actually very limited and choatic in both virtual and your real world surrounding). This game was tested with a SteelSriese's controller for Android. But we think that simialr controller should work as long as it can paired to an Android device. 
  7. Stay tune for more levels and  enemies in the unplanned future.   

This game takes those bullet-hell games you mostly seen on 2D side and top scrolling games (like Skyforce Reloaded) into a 3D VR perspective. We are planning this game to be endless meaning that in futures the game might be expend with more levels, etc. That's shall depends on the company finance and the popularity of this game. 

Version 1.22 is now free for those who want to try out this game. However, you will be missing on a lot of new levels and improvements on version 2. Version 2 includes these new features:

1. Points now earn more per collect.

2. one new levels avalible at above level 15.

3. two new bosses to challenge. 


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